J&R is a concrete sidewalk contractor for your business or your home

Concrete Sidewalk Contractor – Installation & Repairs

Concrete Sidewalk Contractor – Installation & Repairs

Installation & Repair of Concrete Sidewalk or Walkways

Concrete sidewalks give a new meaning to the word “curb appeal” and J&R Contracting is an experienced concrete sidewalk contractor and are here to make sure that your sidewalk is just what you want! We know that there many choices when it comes to your sidewalk and the J&R team is here to both walk you through those choices as well as create just what you want in your concrete sidewalk. Whether your sidewalk is for your home or commercial property, contact us today and we will walk you through all of the options for the perfect curb appeal for your property.

Beautify your home with a J&R installation of a decorative walkway

Residential Walkways

A new walkway brings beauty and function to your property. Whether winding its way through your landscaped backyard or garden, a professionally designed and installed path can add value to your property. J&R Contracting can create just the right walkway for you.

J&R is a residential concrete sidewalk contractor for new or existing homes

Residential Sidewalks

Just as you welcome someone to your home, you want their approach to your home to be a welcoming one. Whether you are in need of having your concrete sidewalk repaired or are looking for a brand new decorative or stamped concrete sidewalk, the J&R sidewalk experts are here to help.

J&R Contracting can install a new concrete sidewalk for your business

Commercial Sidewalks

When it comes to commercial sidewalks, the two most important things are aesthetic and safety. You want your business’s sidewalk to be beautiful, working with your landscaping. But it is also imperative that your sidewalk be safe for everyone that comes to your business’s front door.

J&R is a concrete sidewalk contractor with experience in concrete sidewalk repair and replacement

Concrete Sidewalk Repair

A sidewalk that is no longer level is a safety and potential legal issue. Sidewalks can crack, break, or shift due to weather or just due to time. Call J&R Contracting to assess whether your sidewalk is simply in need of a repair, or perhaps something more.

J&R Contracting can repair or replace your paved walkway

Walkway Repair

Walkways and pavers can crack, break, or shift. Our expert staff will assess whether your walkway is simply in need of a repair, whether it involves a re-leveling that could be needed, drainage issues, or erosion issues that have happened over time.

J&R Contracting offers decorative options for stamped concrete and other materials

Decorative  Concrete

Stamped sidewalks and walkways are a wonderful option that is both beautiful and durable. Low maintenance and with the many stamp options available to choose from, your walkway and sidewalk could be just as unique as your property.

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