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J&R Contracting can handle many projects, from paving your driveway to excavating for utility companies. We are here to help you find the answer to your contracting questions.

That depends on your usage. Obviously a household with 4 people needs to be pumped more frequently than a household with only 2 people. We recommend that normally it’s good to have your system pumped every 3-4 years.
Yes. For example, if you’re planning to have a big party or gathering where you anticipate a lot of people using your facilities, it’s a good time to have your system pumped to avoid any possible issues.

It could be a number of things, like wipes being flushed and clogging a system. But also, when the solids build up in your system and start going out to the leach field, it then plugs the leach field. You need to get your system pumped to avoid scenarios like that.

One of the biggest issues we’ve found is that people want to flush everything down the toilet. Wipes are the main culprit – don’t flush them! They plug! 90% of the time that’s what we find.

There are many things that can factor into whether the system is backed up or if it’s a failing septic system. We assess the situation and offer our clients as many solutions as possible for their specific septic system. Sometimes the system will need to be replaced. In other cases it may just need to be pumped. That’s why it’s important to have a professional come in and assess your specific system.

When purchasing any house, there are of course a number of inspections the house will need to pass. But things to keep an eye out for would be to know if the house has a steel tank (a lot of old homes do). It would be advantageous for you to have a septic inspection done in that case for your own safety, specifically because a lot of steel tank’s tops can rot out and that can be a safety hazard. Also, just knowing exactly where your tank is located can be helpful and important.

We handle all aspects of everything needed when it comes to septic systems. We install new systems, maintain existing ones, and repair failing ones.
We take down and demo a lot of garages and barns. In some cases, due to damage or fire, we take down whole houses. Whatever the client needs to have removed.
Yes, we handle all the permit applications necessary for the demolition. We can walk you through all the necessary steps that are required – we essentially help our clients handle everything from A to Z.
Yes, we help our clients to handle all of the required steps from proper permitting to tearing down the structure and properly disposing of it and all debris. It’s honestly a pretty smooth process.

Yes, we do. We have done quite a bit of work for the City of Hudson as well as the Town of Greenport.

Yes. We are certified and have permits and licenses for all the work we do. For example, we are one of only four agencies that are permitted to dig in the City of Hudson.
We basically offer the whole gamut when it comes to both residential and commercial excavation needs and services. Our services range from re-grading topsoil, hydro-seeding, leveling, driveways, and anything to do with septic systems and water. Our focus is more on hardscapes because we don’t plant flowers and bushes.
We help our clients with most of their blacktop and parking lots needs – whether there be a need for a new parking lot or blacktop, maintenance or resurfacing and/or patching. We can help with any and all of those needs.
At J&R we help both residential and commercial clients with their various needs. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs and project and we’ll do all we can to help.
It depends a number of factors, the length of the walkway, materials chosen, and other considerations. We will provide a free on-site estimate to give you an accurate cost.
We primarily work in Columbia and Greene counties, but also work in parts of Rensselaer, Ulster and Dutchess counties as well.
J&R was founded in 1985, so we have almost 40 years of experience working in this sector and in this region.
J&R Contracting answers freqently asked questions
J&R Contracting answers freqently asked questions

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